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Indian Dishes That Are Good for Your Health

Indian Dishes That Are Good for Your Health

Indian cuisine is known for its rich flavor, vibrant spices, and fresh herbs? making it a viable option to maintain a healthy diet. However, there are dishes that use a fairly large quantity of butter, cream, and carbs.

If you’re on a diet or simply want to maintain a well-balanced diet, we’ve listed dishes you can order the next time you visit an Indian restaurant in Virginia.

  • Tandoori chicken
    Tandoori chicken is considered as one of the healthiest grilled chicken dishes due to its cooking method. The chicken is cooked in a tandoor, which means all the flavor comes from the meat and marinade, not extra fat or rich simmering sauces.
  • Kebab and salad
    Kebab served with tons of vegetables is a great source of protein and fiber. If you want to slow down your digestion and boost your energy, make sure to order this dish.
  • Dal
    Dal is a collective term for peas, beans, and lentils. It also means a meal made from them. Either way, dal is rich in fiber, protein, and folate. If you want to lessen the fat, you should order dal in tomato-based sauces, instead of the creamy ones.

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