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Indian Cuisine Overload: Get a Taste of India at Bhai Sahab

Indian Cuisine Overload!

As time progresses, the Indian cuisine incorporated other cultures from the western countries. But Indians are trying to preserve their culture not only through their traditions but through their own foods. Here are what makes Indian food different:

  • Rich with spices

    Their food is highly aromatic and very tasty because of the combination of different spices such as cumin, turmeric, and pepper. It also provides additional color and texture to the dish. Most of the food in this country is also known to be spicy. There are a lot of restaurants that offer Indian food in Virginia to know more about its spices!

  • Influenced by religion

    There are a lot of religions that are practiced by Indians. So, their food also depends on it like being Hindu means being vegetarian. However, it doesn’t stop it from being mouthwatering and full of flavor!

  • Influenced by geography

    Since India is a large country, its cuisine is also divided into North, West, East, and South. Their culture also slightly differs from each so there is a wide variation of foods.

To get a taste of Indian without going to the country, there is a great Indian restaurant in Leesburg, Virginia, which is Bhai Sahab. Visit us and know what we are talking about!

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