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If You Believe These 5 Things, You Don’t Know Indian Food

If You Believe These 5 Things, You Don’t Know Indian Food

Indian cuisine gets a bad rap from stereotypes and “bad experiences” at subpar food places. This is quite disheartening because a lot of people end up missing out on some of its best dishes because of these popular urban myths.

Fortunately, many people are now seeing the light. Here are the things that are not true at all about authentic Indian food:

  1. Indian food is for vegetarians

    This would be like saying Japanese food is nothing but ramen or Italian cuisine is mainly pasta. Due to many regional variants, Indian food is a host to various meats, fruits, and vegetables. There is always something for everyone, vegetarian or not!

  2. All Indian food is spicy

    For most people, this is simply a matter of preference. Others simply have a low tolerance for spices. While many popular Indian dishes are spicy, there are options for foods that are not as “hot.” You can always ask that the food be prepared with only mild spices.

  3. It makes you smell bad

    This has to do with the strong spices that are commonly used. But you will find that if it is well-prepared, like at our Indian restaurant in Leesburg, Virginia, it won’t leave a lasting effect on your scent. Besides, it’s nothing a good shower can’t fix.

  4. It’s unhealthy

    You can say the same for every other cuisine if you make unhealthy choices. The Indian diet is actually composed of a lot of fruits and vegetables, and the dishes are mostly baked, roasted, steamed, or boiled rather than fried. That means more nutrients and less harmful substances!

  5. It’s all the same

    Modern Indian food is actually a mix of many local cuisines. Each one has a long history that gives a unique aspect to every dish. Open your mind (and your mouth,) and taste these special fusions when you try Indian food in Virginia.

Instead of spreading misconceptions, let’s spread great things about this cuisine instead. What are your favorite things about Indian food? What are your favorite dishes? Challenge these myths at Bhai Sahab today!

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