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History in the Making: The Indian Cuisine

History in the Making: The Indian Cuisine

The country of India is considered to be one of the most populated countries in the world. With its population, culture becomes very diverse, too. There are a lot of dialects and practices that affect the lifestyle of the Indians. Because of this diversity, Indian cuisine is also very vast because of the differences in religion and their other beliefs.

A few of the staple food or ingredient are atta (whole wheat flour), masoor (lentils), and local herbs and spices that make up the rich taste and flavor in every dish. Since Indians are mostly of Hindu religion, they are opposed to eating meat and fish; thus, their protein sources are lentils and beans. These flavors are also tasted in restaurants serving Indian food in Virginia.

Also, because of the colonizers and their neighboring countries, their dishes have evolved using foreign ingredients such as tomatoes and chili peppers. Even in the country, there are a lot of differences in the dishes and techniques used in Indian cuisine because of their geographical differences. For example, in the Northern area, dairy products are highly used. While in the East, they are famous for their desserts or sweet dishes. In the South, rice is the staple grain that is used. In the West, there are three food groups namely: Gujarati, Maharashtrian, and Goan. This is clear evidence of the diversity of Indian cuisine even in the country itself.

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