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Adaptations of Indian Dishes All Over The World

Adaptations of Indian Dishes All Over The World

Ah yes, Indian food. The type of cuisine that is rich, spicy, and flavourful. One of the main reasons why Indian cuisine is unique is its capacity for combos. They are steeped in the contrast of cultures, and therefore, they have different ingredients and flavors.

Here are some surprising ways Indian food in Virginia have tried their hand with Indian culinary style.

  • Turmeric Latte.
    Didn’t see this one coming, did you? Vegans are sold out on this drink which is exceptionally famous on the West Coast of the United States. It tastes exactly as it sounds like – spicy coffee, with all the amazing health benefits.
  • Chicken Masala.
    A British classic; a British national dish. Paraded as the best example of British adaptability and heritage. Always the go-to illustration of culinary conquest.
  • Chili Paneer.
    Indian meets Chinese. Now the big boys get to play. A wildly popular spicy Indo-Chinese preparation adding chilies and green peppers.
  • Karē Raisu.
    Here’s a weird one. It turns out the Japanese are suckers for curry, but theirs is packed as a ready-mix of rice stew servable at short notice. The possibilities with this one are endless.
  • Roti Quesadilla.
    The so-called “Indian pizza”. That’s right. Arguably the best example of culinary agglutination born of the intermarriages (of necessity) by Indians and Mexicans on the West Coast.

So if you’re looking for Indian food in Ashburn or an Indian restaurant in Leesburg, Virginia, be prepared to dig in on some unique Indian fusion dishes at Bhai Sahab.

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